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    eVoy K1 // Red (NEW)

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    eVoy A3 // White

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    eVoy A3 // Red

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Focus on Quality

Each device comes with eVoy Smart Technologies self balancing systems for added balance and usability, We aim to produce the highest quality hoverboards on the market, powered by authentic Samsung Lithium Ion Batteries for extended ride time and reduced charging time, Thicker ABS waterproof casing for better protection and durability. Every board is equipped with our dual 350 watt Magnetic Levitation motors. Riders are able to travel 12-14 miles and can fully recharge their eVoy within 60-120 minutes.

Additional Specs

UL Certified Samsung Lithium Ion Battery

2 Speed Modes: Beginner and Professional

Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Frame

Stronger ABS Plastic body for increased longevity


1 year manufacturer warranty included with the purchase of every eVoy.

The eVoy Self Balancing Scooter

You see these people traveling around the city on the segways and think what a cool idea that would be to own one. Then you look at the price tag and realize that it may have to come at a later time. But how about the new hands free mini segways and scooter? Have you seen them and what they can do to take the stress off walking each day?

Mini Segway

Many people are probably aware by now that there are hands free segways out there that are starting to catch on. Thanks to the durability of these hands free models, people can feel confident stepping aboard one and not falling off. The designer understand that in order for it to work well it would have to be made strong and durable in order to navigate some rough terrain. One thing though that these segways can’t get over are curbs, so try to avoid those.

Hands Free (Handless) Segway

The best part about these segways other than their durability and all the neat little tricks you can perform is the price. Coming in well under $1,0000 it makes it highly affordable for anyone looking to help ease the stress of their legs. College students especially find them attractive as they love to use them on their way to class. They aren’t very big and be easily stored when not in use.

Two Wheel Smart Drifting Scooter

With a durable machine and rubberized mat to stand on, your feet will be anchored to it giving you confidence that you can stand up straight and move forward. Designed to last about 15 miles on one charge and a top speed of 7 to 8 mph you can really move on these things!

2 Wheel Electric Scooter

Also what helps are the rubberized wheels that can navigate over bumpy pavement, and you won’t have to worry about getting a flat tire. People are quickly falling in love with these hands free segways which you can see online in many YouTube videos and tutorials.

Two Wheel Electronic Skateboard

Looking online you can find many tips and tricks to help you can the most out of it. There may be a quick learning experience but before you know it you’ll be up to speed and eager to hop on. This is truly a great invention, one that is constructed very well and designed to last for a long time. So check it out online and see if it is right for you!


Whatever you are looking for, Evoy offers two (2) wheel, elctronic motorized smart drifting, self balancing scooters, skateboards, mini handless (hands free) segways, hoverboards, driftobards, and more for adults and kids.

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